I don’t just practice yoga on my mat; I try to live my yoga. It’s not enough to be able to do a handstand. I want to be able to support my own weight within the world I live in. I want to be able to support those around me with as much integrity as I might support myself in an arm balance or a deep backbend. This is why I teach yoga.

I love introducing new students to yoga and seeing that spark of excitement in them when they discover newfound strength or flexibility

I also love guiding more experienced students through yoga practices that introduce them to their edge and give them new challenges, as well as thoughtful approaches to familiar poses.

In addition to my 7 weekly public classes, I also teach monthly workshops all over the extended DC metro area to help students understand their practice and their bodies more deeply. Workshops usually give more time and focus to a specific area of the yoga practice, allowing the students to investigate more deeply and thoroughly, which can strengthen their overall practice.

I also lead a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training that I am exceptionally proud of. This training blends a thorough approach to alignment through a creative, exploratory lens. Featuring several weekends on anatomy, basic therapeutics, safe and appropriate assisting, as well as many of the energetic and philosophical components of yoga, this training is in a class of its own. The trainees spend much of their time practice teaching and learning by doing, as well as making sure they are prepared to teach absolute beginners, 2 elements not always found in a standard ytt. 

My absolute favorite yoga offering are my weekend and weeklong yoga retreats. I lead 2 local retreats each year as well as annual weeklong yoga retreats. There is nothing more wonderful than giving yourself a weekend of yoga, delicious food, fantastic company, and the ability to rest, renew and recharge. It’s the ultimate luxury in yoga.